What is Waste-To-Energy?

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is an alternative energy source that has become an important element in creating a robust, sustainable waste management chain. WtE plants burn waste at high temperatures and use the heat to make steam, which then drives a turbine to create electricity. By converting solid waste into electricity for industrial applications, machinery, and municipal heating systems, WtE is an ecological and cost-effective way to provide renewable energy.

Helfrich Expertise Performs Swift, Reliable Scheduled Outages for WtE Plants

WtE plants require planned shutdowns for long-term efficiency and safety. At Helfrich, we know that the minute a plant or unit comes out of service, the owner stops generating revenue. At the same time, monitoring and maintenance activities during scheduled outages mean fewer unplanned emergencies. We provide an expert crew at your site to plan and complete the job on schedule and within budget—properly, safely, and efficiently.The economic impact of poorly planned and executed outages, loss of availability, or capacity can be severe. We help you define an outage management plan that keeps your equipment online, at full capacity.

 Our work includes:
  • Identifying the nature and scope of required activities

  • Advance planning for the shutdown

  • On-site review to determine requirements and create a schedule

  • Day-to-day execution of the plan, ongoing monitoring, and documentation

  • Partner with you to create an integrated plan for ongoing management of your WtE equipment

Helfrich Acts Swiftly in an Emergency

Preventive care and planned outages of WtE boilers help prevent unexpected outages, but emergencies can happen. Call on Helfrich if you identify parts that need replacement or repairs outside of a scheduled outage. Our engineers, crews, and facilities will be there so you can return to operational efficiency.

Power Plant
  • Provides a fairly reliable source of energy, with production that is typically predictable and low-cost when compared to the fluctuations in fossil fuel prices

  • Decreases the need for landfills by reducing waste volume by more than 90 percent

  • Filters out harmful substances, such as NOx, Acid Gas, dioxins, furans, particulates, CO, VOCs, heavy metals, and fly ash and soot

  • Avoids methane emissions from landfills and reduces greenhouse gas

  • Destroys chemical waste and conventional Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)

  • Recover metals and other material for reuse, such as road material from the remaining clinker

Rely on our Experience

We expertly take care of power generation needs nationwide, from engineering to fabrication to on-site services. Our turn-key capabilities differentiate us from our competitors. Virtually everything you need for a waste-to-energy project is available under one roof, ready to go when you are. You can trust our on-site crews to manage planned outages or act quickly to handle an emergency and our 95,000 SF manufacturing facility to react to support planned or emergency needs.


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