Helfrich Bothers field service group has completed many superheater replacement projects, including partial and whole replacements as well as platen type superheaters and vertical or horizontal hanging serpentine pendant style superheaters.  Most superheater jobs are critical path in a boiler outage and require safe efficient rigging plans.  Helfrich Brothers has experienced a great deal of success on these jobs for many reasons.  Our outage managers understand that critical path jobs, while important in their own respect, cannot affect the schedule of the other work being performed.  Our rigging plans are well thought out and designed in a way to ensure the highest level of safety is met while incorporating the work of other trades so that as much work as possible can be taking place at all times.  This may mean coming through the roof or side wall of the boiler, or perhaps the feed chute or discharge, whatever the situation or conditions we have the ability to adapt and succeed.  We are also capable of fabricating and installing these parts for a turnkey service.