Helfrich Brothers Field Services Division
combines a wide range of skilled tradesman and modern equipment to serve our customers. Our ability to fabricate and install the parts Welding tubeneeded for your time critical project is what separates Helfrich Brothers from the competition. Any breakdown between procurement, quality control, delivery or outage scheduling can be eliminated by offering a turnkey service. Once the outage starts, your sense of urgency is our sense of urgency, and we will work with plant personnel to reduce the outage duration as much as possible without sacrificing on safety or quality. Reducing outage costs for ourselves as well as our clients is also important to our outage managers. While we prefer to work on lump sum projects our onsite project managers can provide up to the minute tally sheets for T+M projects so you can more accurately manage your outage budget.

  • Superheater Replacements
  • Generating Bank Retubes 
  • Waterwall Replacements
  • Process & Steam Piping
  • Hopper Replacements
  • Boiler Installations
  • Grate Overhauls
  • Tank Installations
  • Underground Piping