TANK SHOP:  At Helfrich Brothers we have been building code and non code vessels for the past 40 years.  Our vessels are built for use in a variety of industries and applications and conform to ASME or CE standards.  We can bend, roll, fit, weld, and machine our own parts right at our facility, offering our customers turnkey service under one roof.  Our paint room allows us to offer a variety of finishes for each vessel.  If it is sand blasted or painted that work is performed at our shop with our own people.  We also have a full time staff of engineers to calculate and plot drawings for every project.  The ability to offer a full range of services allows us to reduce overall costs and make each project run smoothly.  Our Field Service division is always available to install our vessels.

MACHINE SHOP:  Our full service machine shop is an excellent compliment to the other various fabrication services we offer.  Since we are scheduling our own people on our own machines, scheduling is seamless when trying to coordinate the different trades necessary for even the most complex projects. 

TUBE SHOP:  The newest addition to our fabrication services is our tube shop.  Helfrich Brothers has been fabricating boiler parts for many years and, due to enormous growth, recently moved that part of our operation into its own building.  Tube fabrication consists of tube bending of all sizes.  We offer cold bending, hot bending, and coining of tubes to make serpentine pendants for superheater, economizer, reheat, or air heater applications.  Our tube panel machine is state of the art and like none other that we know of.  The use of subarc welding and a unique seam tracking system allow us to fabricate tube panels quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality in the industry.

INCONEL OVERLAY:  In the past three years we have developed a state of the art system for applying inconel and other alloys to boiler tubes.  Using off the shelf welding equipment, and machines designed, developed, and built right here we can produce spiral wound overlay products for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  The quality and consistency of our product combined with the lower cost is what separates our process from any other on the market. Currently operating three lines, no job is too big or too small.