Generator bank retubes can be very labor intense and challenging.  These jobs can also be critical path to the outage or become so if not managed and planned properly.  We have literally replaced hundreds of thousands of generator tubes over the years in a variety of boilers including water tube package boilers, fossil fuel boilers and incinerators.  These jobs include generators with headers and handholes, two drum generators from 18 to 60 foot drum centers as well as rolled or welded connections.  The art of rolling boiler tubes to the exact tube crush required has been passed down from generation to generation at Helfrich Brothers, so has the unique way of removing the tube stubs from the drum by the use of specialty tooling developed over the years.  This system reduces and in most cases eliminates the need for costly and time consuming repairs to the drum and adds to the overall quality of the job.  Welded tubes are removed with specially developed tools that machine the seal weld off the drum creating perfect weld preps for the replacement tube.  We can also fabricate generator tubes to your exact dimensions.